proAsset provides i4.0 enabled real time intelligence software and engineering solutions for the process industry.


proAsset delivers customized tailor made real time solutions based on our standard software suite proIMS.


proAsset services covers the whole solution life cycle of a process system

  • Engineering
  • Project Implementation
  • Maintenance


proAsset guarantees an organic evolution of his products to new technologies.

proIMS Suite

  • proIMS is a web based information management system for all kind of real time processes and calculations.
  • proIMS is built on real time databases (RTDB) with embedded high-speed calculation engines for real-time calculations (RTC) and real-time optimization (RTO)
  • proIMS is an Industry 4.0 solution for integrating process data and calculated data into one central system when there are multiple control rooms, laboratories and geographically distributed production sites.
  • proIMS is an archiving and web 4.0-based reporting system for process data like process values, events, messages, batch and lab data. Data is presented independently from underlying systems and is available worldwide via Intranet or Internet connections.
  • proIMS is available as a light version for smaller industrial applications and can be expanded to high-available cluster solutions for multiple production sites and enterprise solutions. proAsset’s biggest application is the 3 Gorges hydro power plant at the Yangtze River in China with an installed power of 18 Gigawatt. proIMS collects 300000 signal values per minute for storage in the proAsset process database.

Why proIMS

  1. proAsset works strictly with server licenses (no tag or user licenses)
  2. proAsset is the owner and developer of the source code of all parts of the proIMS suite
  3. proAsset RTDB is the only real distributed real time solution world wide
  4. proAsset RTDB is proven the fastest RTDB world wide
  5. The transportation of crude oil, gas, condensate, NGL and products from production plants to terminals and refineries requires proactive, safe and efficient support of all pipeline operations. proAsset provides a complete suite of technical and scientific mathematical methods to simulate and optimize process applications in real time.
  6. Developed specifically to improve efficiency of hydropower plants, proIMS offers a suite of mathematical models to implement optimal load control. The proIMS Optimized Load Control Modul is designed to meet the requirements, for optimized operation of hydropower plants and is working in many plants of different size and type.

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