proIMS Report Server

proIMS Report Server

The proIMS Report Server creates predefined reports periodically or on request based on the time series values stored in the real time or historical database.

proIMS Reports are created with a special tool based on MS Excel. 

Excel is the de facto standard among spreadsheet systems. Together with Excel proIMS offers a very wide functional range to create reports. The features include displays, calculation of cell values and the creation of spreadsheets. A broad range of statistical and mathematical functions can be used combined with graphic display options such as multi-channel trend curves, pie and bar charts as well as 3D views and surfaces.

Via Excel the proIMS reporting can be easily integrated in the entire Office environment.

The following can be created in the following formats:

  • Excel Reports
  • HTML reports
  • PDF reports

proIMS Report Server requires no elaborate settings. It is designed ready to go. The report obtains the available data points from proIMS databases at a touch of a button. The setting up, creation of templates is done without any programming,  only a basic knowledge of Excel is needed.

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