proIMS Tools

proIMS Tools

proIMS Excel

proIMS Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-in that enables information retrieval directly into an Excel spread sheet.

proIMS Excel provides a graphical user interface to retrieve real time or calculated data from the proIMS RTDB’s and offers powerful tools for gathering, monitoring, analyzing and reporting process data. Data retrieval with the add-in can be combined with the computational and formatting capabilities of Microsoft’s Excel.

proIMS Excel
proIMS Excel

proIMS Excel is also the base for the report tools. Reports defined in Excel will be automatically and periodically generated using the proIMS Report Server.

proIMS Workbench

The proIMS Workbench is the central administration tool for the suite. A proIMS RTDB network consisting of several nodes can be administrated and configured from one single point using the workbench.

proIMS Workbench
proIMS Workbench

The configuration includes:

  • node administration
  • interface configuration
  • administration of process parameters like units or ranges
  • signal configuration
  • calculation functions
  • etc.

proIMS Trend

proIMS Trend includes a set of trend modules for different purposes:

  • Standard Trends with a wide range of configuration features
  • Configurable customized Trends for special features 
    • Mass Balances
    • Reconciled Values
    • Vibrations
    • Spectrum Analysis
    • Polar and Radar Charts
    • 3D Charts
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