Selected References

Our Selected References

Hydro Power
Power Plant Information System Project Example 3Gorges Dam China 18200 MW
  1. Implementation of a full redundant process management system incl. historical database and alarm management with 40.000 signals and 300.000 alarms
  2. Update rate to historical Database 250.000 values per minute
  1. Vibration Monitoring
  2. Reporting
  3. Plant Monitoring
  4. Plant Control Loop
Oil and Gas
GIMS - Gas Manangement References Project GMIS Kuwait Oil Company
  1. Distributed system
  2. redundant central historical
  3. 50 local process databases
  4. Integration of all DCS for all gas stations of KOC
  5. Integration of SCADA and pipeline information systems (PIMS)
  6. Data Reconciliation
  7. Network Mass Balancing
  8. Gas Accounting
  9. Alarm Management
  10. Company wide web based access for all kind or process information of the gas network
  11. IT integration
Project GMIS Kuwait Oil Company
GIMS Gas Manangement References Project Example Statoil LPG
  1. Design of an overall Process Management System for LNG Plant and LNG Supply Stations
  2. Reporting System
  3. SAP Integration
  4. Developing of a general Alarm Philosophy
  5. Audit AOA Meetings
Project Example Statoil LPG
Water Infromation Management Systems Example Kayseri Water Supply
  1. Design and delivery of a IMS systems for a pipeline with 2 reservoirs and a water supply network for 56 irrigation turnouts and 14 town supplies in Turkey
  2. Water Management System for Network analysis
Example Kayseri  Water Supply
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