proIMS Calculation Libraries

proIMS provides the following mathematical libraries:

proIMS Basic

includes basic functions for unit conversion, logic, KPI’s and the proIMS editor to define user defined functions


includes functions to include MATLAB libraries to proIMS:

proIMS Measurements
  • Includes various functions to handle, convert and compensate process measurement devices substance data, thermodynamic physical states, feed flow composition, tank calculations, basic calculation for pipelines like line packing etc.
proIMS Components
  • Includes fundamental calculation blocks for process devices like separators, compressors, pumps etc.
proIMS Massbalancing
  • Includes functions for mass balancing
proIMS DataReconiliation
  • Includes functions to reconcile process values
proIMS Optimization
  • Includes linear and nonlinear models to optimize processes
proIMS Predictive APC
  • Includes models to build model predictive controllers
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