IMS Connectivity

proIMS is a web based information management system for all kind of real time processes

proIMS is an ideal solution for integrating process data into one central system when there are multiple control rooms, laboratories and geographically distributed production sites

proIMS is an archiving and web-based reporting system for process data like process values, events, messages, batch and lab data. Data is presented independently from underlying systems and is available worldwide via Intranet or Internet connections.

proIMS connects the Process level with ERP/MIS applications.

proIMS   distributes unified intelligence from operation and business systems across the enterprise, which gives business units, customers and suppliers the opportunity to collaborate.

proIMS   lets you realize the full potential of your information assets without pushing data from one source to another, worrying about complicated IT administration issues, or paying for multiple client licenses of each data source.

proIMS   is a platform ´formed of various modules that consolidates all real time processes into a uniform web based user interface. Enterprises can react quickly at anytime from anywhere to real time events in order to decrease downtime or increase availability and productivity.

proIMS consolidates all measurements, switching states and production sites into a single platform harmonizing data model, engineering units and other elements or properties of the production process.

proIMS is available as a light version for smaller industrial applications and can be expanded to high-available cluster solutions for multiple production sites and enterprise solutions. proAsset   biggest application is the 3 Gorges hydro power plant at the Yangtze River in China with an installed power of 18 Gigawatt. proIMS collects 300000 signal values per minute for storage in the proAsset process database.


GMIS Architecture

PM–IMS central software module is the PM–IMS Base Node

Control System
    • Software Middleware to interconnect heterogeneous system that need to exchange time series data and events
    • Software Middleware with built in 
      • Automatic data synchronization within the nodes
      • Data recovery in case of communication loss
      • Redundancy measures
    • Software Middleware that can be adapted to nearly all kind of system architectures
    • Software Middleware for worldwide data transfer crossing networks independent from interface an location

GMIS Modules

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