proIMS Measurement

proIMS Measurement is a comprehensive mathematical package to harmonize data flow for typical process measurements. It includes all mathematical and statistical formulas needed for the different steps to perform balances such as but not limited:

  • Calculation for gas properties like
    • density,
    • formation volume factor,
    • viscosity and density
    • component tracking
  • Meters
    • All kind of compensation starting from simple pressure temperature compensations up to more complex methods like GERG or AGA8.
    • Volume compensation for liquid measurement (Liquid Meter Compensation)
    • Volume compensation for gas measurement (Gas Meter Compensation)
  • Tanks
    • Tank Models
    • Vapor Space Mass
    • Vapor Space Volume
    • Floating Roof Adjustments
    • Transfer Calculations
  • Volume Corrections
    • Tank Shell Correction Calculation
    • Material Volume Correction Factor (VCF)
  • Tolerance
    • Tank Tolerance based on Uncertainties
    • Measurement Tolerance
  • Single-Phase Flow Formulas
  • Multi-Phase Flow Formulas
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